Automotive & Industrial Paint

Here at A S Supplies, we can mix a wide range of automotive and industrial paints, as well as offer various ancillary goods to suit your painting needs, ranging from spray guns and paint brushes, down to suitable primers, activators and thinners. 

Automotive Paint

Our automotive paint comes in two varieties: clear-over-base - otherwise known as basecoat - and 2-Pack.

Basecoat requires a lacquer in order to finish the paint, giving it protection and shine, whereas 2-pack is hardwearing and finishes with a glossy finish from the initial coat.

All automotive paints are derived from vehicle paint codes, as well as mixed from RAL and British Standard colour codes. We have paint chips for most car paints where some variants might exist and can also send off small panels/parts for more precise colour matches.

Industrial Paint

Our industrial paints have a large variety of uses. Varying from painting classic vehicles to narrow boats, to workshop and factory flooring and railings, we have industrial paints suitable for a wide array of necessary uses. Industrial paints tend to be hardwearing and easily recoatable when the need arises.

All our industrial paints are generally mixed to RAL and British Standard colour codes. Some further colours are available on a case-by-case basis. In this instance, please contact us and we will not hesitate to try and help.

Ancillary Goods

In addition to the various paints themselves, we also carry and wide variety of refinishing products, from suitable thinners, primers, filler and activators to sanders & polishers, sanding discs, wet & dry, masking tape and masking paper, and the list goes on. 

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