It started with an angry electrician

What started out as one man’s vision; to make a step-change in workwear performance, has given Snickers Workwear a place in workwear history.

Snickers Workwear was founded by craftsman Matti Viio, who lost his cool in 1975 because his work clothing just was not good enough. With an “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me” attitude he one day left work and started designing his own line of workwear.

Matti had seen rapid development of tools and working methods around him. But the clothing of the time did not meet even the most basic requirements on strength, adaptation to modern machines or freedom of movement. He also saw as his mission to show that craftspeople and workers need respect in the same way as other groups in society.

Matti was a Swede of Finnish descent - a true representative of Scandinavian simplicity and style. He developed durable, functional and stylish workwear to perform in the harsh working environments of Scandinavia. Starting with innovations such as the holster pocket and the tool vest, he set Snickers Workwears’ direction.

Staying true to our heritage during our more than 40 years in business has helped us create a company we’re proud to work for.

Our brand name Snickers Workwear is derived from the word for carpenter in Swedish: snickare.

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