Rivet Dome Head Aluminium DIN7337

Ideal for sheet to sheet applications where welding and bolting is not possible. During installation the head forms a secure fixing whilst maintaining an aesthetic and low profile finish. The aluminium body ensures consistent performance and an enhanced resistance to corrosion.

Head Ø (mm) Head Length (mm) Collar Ø (mm) Min. - Max. Grip Range (mm) Drill Hole Ø (mm)
 3.2mm 6.0mm 6.5mm 1.5mm - 3.5mm 3.3mm

8.0mm 6.5mm 3.5mm - 5.5mm 3.3mm
  10.0mm 6.5mm 5.5mm - 7.5mm 3.3mm 
 4.0mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 3.0mm - 5.0mm 4.1mm
  10.0mm 8.0mm 5.0mm - 6.5mm 4.1mm 
  12.0mm 8.0mm 6.5mm - 8.5mm 4.1mm 
 4.8mm 10.0mm  9.5mm 4.5mm - 6.0mm 4.9mm
  12.0mm 9.5mm 6.0mm - 8.0mm 4.9mm
  14.0mm 9.5mm 8.0mm - 10.0mm 4.9mm

Corrosion Rating Scale (1-5): 3 - Urban and Industrial areas with low salt atmosphere 
Standard: DIN 7337 
Substrates: Steel, Aluminium, Hard Plastic, PVCu 
Material: Aluminium
Head Type: Dome
Finish: Zinc & Clear CR3
Feature: Aluminium body for enhanced resistance to corrosion 

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