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Automotive Paint:

All automotive paints available in quantities of 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1Ltr+. Also available in aerosols of 400ml and touch-up pens of 20ml.


Features and Use

Basecoat (Clear-Over-Base)

A solvent basecoat which covers most solid and effect colours for automotive application. Requires clearcoat (lacquer) in order to finish the process, giving the paint protection and shine.

2-Pack (2k)

A solid effect paint which gives a hard-wearing, gloss finish. Common use for any solid, RAL, or British Standard colours where the use of a lacquer is not preferred. Requires activator for use.

Industrial Paint:

All industrial paints available in quantities of 1Ltr, 2.5Ltr and 5Ltr+. Certain mixes kept on shelf (such as 1 Pack Polyurethane Opalescent Silver) sold in 5Ltr quantities.

Commercial Vehicle (CV) & Agricultural & Construction Equipment (ACE)

Typical end users in these sectors are:

Commercial Vehicle: chassis/body builders, tail lift manufacturers, “Fifth Wheel” manufactures, box vans, trailers, cabs, buses, tankers

Construction Plant: new and hire markets, dumpers, cranes, access equipment, cherry pickers, hiabs, platform lifts, cement mixers, compressors, road rollers, graders, etc…

Agricultural: silage spreaders, water bowsers, dump trailers, slurry tankers, haymakers, grass cutters, seed drills, animal feeders

Niche Markets: narrow boats above the water line, superstructures and interiors

Classic Vehicles: tractors, traction engines, buses, trucks, steam engines


Product and Key Features

Typical Application Method

Features and Benefits


Recommended Primer

1 Pack Topcoats

QD Enamel

General purpose, cost-effective fast dry spray enamel

Convention Spray

Airless Spray Occasionally

30 – 45 minute dry

Higher opacity and higher gloss than most competitors, who sell a cheap and cheerful QD Enamel


Fast Primer Zinc Phosphate best for gloss hold out and corrosion resistance

QD Phosphate HB420 Primer for general purpose use and lower cost

Fast Enamel

General purpose fast dry enamel for larger items of plant and machinery or for brushing

Cost effective option to 1 Pack Poly QD for CV & ACE, but without quite the same results

Conventional Spray

Can be brushed or rolled – but work quickly to keep the wet edge open

Airless spray occasionally

90 minute dry

Not many competitors make this type of product, main features are

- used instead of QD Enamel when the odour is unacceptable, or when overspray is a problem

- compared to QD Enamel, Fast Enamel has a much lower odour, a lower category of hazard label, and has a higher (safer) flash point

- because of its mild solvent, it has very little tendency to wrinkle on re-coating

- on larger items, it gives better flow and wet edge compared to QD Enamel



Low Odour White Spirit (as a slow or re-coat thinner)

Fast Primer Zinc Phosphate

1 Pack Polyurethane QD

Very high quality enamel for CV & ACE

Conventional spray

Airless spray – particularly for larger ACE

2 – 3 hour dry

Infrequent use as an industrial finish, except when an ‘exhibition finish’ is required on fairly large items

In CV re-paints, it gives quick, dust-free / tape times – suitable for early masking with low tack tape for two tone colour schemes

For fast flash off and cure in cold shops, use 1k activator (contains isocyanate)

High gloss, very high solids, low odour, good flow, easily re-coated. Contains polyurethane – tough, durable coating, resistant to mild chemicals and most oils


Synthetic CV


Low Odour White Spirit for re-coating within 3 days

UPF Primer

For airless spray, use Agriprime CT* (*special order)

Lower cost primers produce a lower quality of finish and will give rise to adhesion failures when power washed

1 Pack Polyurethane

Slower drying version of 1 Pack Polyurethane QD – usually for brushing.

Niche industrial end uses for brushing are on narrow boats externally above the water line, and internally. Classic vehicles. Tractors. Traction engines. Buses, trucks, and steam engines.

Brush or roll

Airless Spray occasionally

Conventional spray occasionally – often hot sprayed

3 – 4 hour dry

Infrequent use as an industrial finish

The only advantages over 1 Pack Polyurethane QD is due to its slower drying:

- excellent brushing, 2-3% low odour white spirit can be added to suit

- when spraying large jobs, it gives a longer wet edge open time


Synthetic CV


Low Odour White Spirit for re-coating within 3 days or for brushing application

For brushing:

CV Brushing Primer Undercoat* (*special order)

For spraying:

UPF Primer, for airless use Agriprime CT* (*special order)

Lower cost primers produce a lower quality of finish and will give rise to adhesion failures when power washed

1 Pack Polyurethane Opalescent Silver

Glossy aluminum for panel work and chassis as well as wheels

Conventional spray

Do NOT brush panels

May be brushed on wheels but with some loss of finish

4 hour touch dry

Opalescent silver finish

Synthetic CV

Low Odour White Spirit

UPF Primer

Often applied as a one coat finish to wheels

Synthetic Enamel

General purpose, cost effective brushing enamel

Brush or roll

Can be sprayed

4 – 5 hour dry

High gloss, high solids, low odour, good flow, easily re-coated

Low Odour White Spirit

Industrial for spraying

Suitable metal primer


Undercoat (colour) on previously painted work

2 Pack Polyurethanes

2 Pack Acrylic Polyurethane

contains isocyanate

Acrylic Polyurethanes give faster touch dry times and better gloss and colour retention than standard 2 Pack Polyurethanes

Conventional Spraying

Brush or roll

45 minute touch dry

Outstanding gloss and exterior gloss retention

Does not yellow or darken on exposure

Excellent build and flow

Resistant to most fuels and chemicals

Wide choice of fast and slow thinners and activators to suit both small and large jobs

Fast Flash

2 Pack Polyurethane Slow* (*special order)

Retarder AB for brushing* (*special order)

2 Pack Epoxy Primer Zinc Phosphate* (*special order)

Promastic 600 CT* (*special order)

UPF Primer

Floor Coatings

Linotex Floor Enamel

A general purpose gloss floor enamel based on a polyurethane alkyd. Typically used as a floor coating for domestic, industrial and warehouse storage areas, subject to mainly pedestrian use and occasional fork lift traffic

Brush or roll

On new concrete thin the first coat 4 parts paint to 1 part white spirit. Then two finishing coats should be applied. Apply evenly using a well-loaded brush/roller. Allow to dry for 16 hours between the two finish coats

4 hour touch dry, allow at least 16 hours between finish coats

Resistant to oil and grease spillages.

Should not be used in areas where frequent water washing is required.

A non-slip additive* (*special order) is available to reduce any tendency for slipping when floors are dry. (Wet floors will always be slippery).

Epoxy coatings are recommended where severe conditions prevail.

As a concrete sealer the first coat is thinned 4 parts paint with 1 part Low Odour White Spirit or applied as a finish unthinned

Low Odour White Spirit

Self-priming – ensure the first coat applied to new concrete is mixed 4:1 Linotex to White Spirit to act as sealer coat


Product and Key Features

Typical Application Method

Features and Benefits


Recommended Primer

Fabrication Alkyd Primer

QD Primer Semi Gloss

Cost effective general purpose semi gloss primer used on smaller fabrications and components (NOT STRUCTURAL STEEL) to give a better appearance when leaving the paint hop

Not VOC compliant

Airless Spray

May be brushed on small areas

30 minute dry

Excellent application ans sag resistance.


This is not designed to be topcoated

1 Pack Primer / Undercoat

QD Phosphate HB420

General purpose cost effective primer, when cost rather than quality of finish is the priority. Gloss hold out and flow could be better

Airless spray

Conventional spray

May be brushed on small areas

30 minute dry

Excellent application and sag resistance


Fast Enamel

QD Enamel

Or Synthetic Enamel

- but not if the job is subject to high humidity, mechanical damage, or power washing, or has to withstand the removal of vinyl transfers. The inter-coat adhesion of these two over Fast Primer is not good enough for severe use applications – use UPF.

UPF Primer

Single pack primer mainly for CV use by conventional spray use under 1 Pack and 2 Pack Polyurethanes, and in industrial sector under 2 Pack Epoxy

Conventional Spray

30 minute touch dry

Universal Primer Filler for over-coating with single and two pack topcoats

Excellent corrosion resistance, flow, build and gloss hold out

Synthetic CV

1 Pack Polyurethane

1 Pack Polyurethane QD

2 Pack Acrylic Polyurethane

Metal Primer

General purpose brushing primer

Can be airless sprayed

Can be conventionally sprayed

Usually brushed or rolled

60 minute dry

Excellent application and sag resistance. Low Odour

Low Odour White Spirit

Undercoat (colour) if needed to obtain opacity with a bright topcoat colour

Then topcoated with:


Fast Enamel

1 Pack Polyurethane

Etch Primer

(2 Pack) Etching Primer Filler

Two pack ‘chromate free’ etching filler

Conventional Spray

15 minute touch dry

Needs thorough surface preparation. Widely used in the VR / CV sector because of its excellent price point compared to quality VR branded products

Etching Primer Filler Catalyst 1:1

For CV / VR use apply two full coats (minimum of 35 microns dft)

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