Free Colour Match Service

We offer various options when it comes to automotive colour matching options. Not every colour has just a single shade, however it is possible to get a match as close as possible despite this. The majority of colours have a popular variant, which is likely to be the best option, but if this isn't case, we can find the best possible match regardless. 

What is involved?

We keep and maintain a full colour box that is regularly updated with new shades and supplements. If we can match in-store, we would use these colour chips to find the correct, closest match. From this point, if you are happy with the match, we can mix the paint as normal, typically while you wait. 

In the rare instances where we do not have a colour chip or a popular variant, we would potentially require a panel* and a short timeframe** in order to get a more accurate match. This involves either a custom mix or sending the panel off for analysis. 

After a match has been established, we can mix any paint as standard. 

*A good guideline example for panel size and shape is a petrol cap - something at least 50mm x 50mm in size with a flat surface.

** Timeframe can be anything upwards of 1 week. The panel is sent off for spectro-match to an external source, which returns the closest possible match.  

How much is this service?

This service is free! £0.00! Nada! 

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